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The Land of the Lake

Welcome to the Land of the Lake. The main continent, known as Scaratha, is the home to five great city-states surrounding a large, landlocked, sea known only as The Lake. The cities are as follows:

Arcadia – The City of Magic
Vaen Barûl – The Ruined City of Necromancers
Tairo Na – The City of the Samurai Lords
Davenstoll – The City of Castles
Jazzi – The City of Merchants

In addition to the city-states, there remain a number of other groups on the continent. While most of the main races can be found in each of the cities, the only races whose majority includes those who live in the cities are humans, half-orcs, half-elves, and gnomes (who of old lived in the mountains near the dwarves, and can still be found in some small settlements there). The majority of the dwarves live in the great fortress of Haemar’s Keep, which extends with tunnel systems deep into the mountains near Arcadia. While there remains a rather large number of elves in Arcadia, they vast majority of them still live in the forests between and around Arcadia and Davenstoll, avoiding the roads and keeping their secrets to themselves. Rumors of an Elf City persist, however, and those with the right connections in Arcadia and Jazzi will occasionally whisper of a small elf settlement hidden high in the mountains, although these rumors are usually met with sincere confusion and denial by any elf who hears them – after all, mountains are the domain of dwarves, not elves. The majority of the halfling race lives on the road, in trade caravans, or in a few semi-permanent settlements scattered along the trade routes (though a number of them seem to have taken up residence in Jazzi in recent years). Other races are few, and typically scattered across the continent in both cities and the wild, though a few have taken up the halfling habit of running trade caravans.

Religious practices vary throughout Scaratha, though the majority of the population pays homage to one of the gods listed here. Traditionally, Tairo Na was home to a mixture of ancestor and nature worship, but this has fallen out of practice in recent years and only a few families still hold these beliefs.

The campaign will begin with your characters at Dock 37-B, a large trading port on The Lake.

Main Page

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