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Important stuff to know:

You will start at level 6 with 16,000 gold, on the fast xp scale.

Anyone who wishes to prestige class should plan for it. If it requires special requirements you need my help for, see me and I can arrange for it (should I approve of the choice). In any case, prestige class choices must be approved by the session before you would gain the first level of the prestige class, or before the campaign starts if you already qualify. Similar rules apply to multiclassing, and I may rule some choices impossible (a barbarian-wizard in ANY order is an example).

There will be backstory bonuses, with conditions. In order to stand a chance of receiving bonuses, your backstory must at least appear to have been through a spelling and grammar check, and you must include more than 10 sentences. I reserve the right to withhold bonuses anyway if your backstory doesn’t seem to be worth it. Backstory bonuses may (and probably will) be different for different people, and as such may also have more or less value. Backstories can be turned in in-person or through e-mail I will provide on the facebook page. Backstories will not be accepted without a copy of the character sheet.

If your character’s and another player’s character’s backstories intersect meaningfully, there may be further bonuses issued to the two characters based on that. These bonuses will have more limitations (for example, they may only function when the characters are within 30 feet of each other), but can be better or worse than standard backstory bonuses.

Computers and books will be allowed at the table until someone uses them for something they shouldn’t, such as looking up a monster’s stats. If anyone does so, computers and books are banished from the table for everyone except me.

Information on the world is available in the wiki. You are expected to read it.

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Home Page

The Land of the Lake Ikaru