Tairo Na

Also known as The City of Order, Tairo Na is a place of deep rooted traditions. The social customs of Tairo Na can be difficult to understand for an outsider. Personal, family, and national honor are all seen as the same thing in Tairo Na, and it used to be that a man who dishonored himself faced severe punishment, ranging from communal shunning to expulsion. It was commonly believed that a man who has dishonored himself may as well be dead, and in some cases they were treated as such, with funerals held for men who still lives and may even have attended them. Rare was the dishonored man of Tairo Na who did not eventually take his own life.

While less emphasis is placed on honor these days, it is still an important concept. However, the city has fallen on hard times in the past few centuries. The emperor and his line were wiped out in war roughly three centuries ago, and there have been constant civil wars in the power struggle since, with each noble house attempting to assert their right to the throne.

Tairo Na has an intense rivalry with Davenstoll, and most of the wars on the continent have been between the two cities. Traditionally, the wars are fought on The Bloodplain, and are indeed thought to be what caused the formation of it.

(In case you don’t get it yet, by the way, Tairo Na is basically Asia.)

Tairo Na

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