Dock 37-B

Dock 37-B used to be a small, run-down, dock that no ship ever seemed to stop at. In fact, the captains of most ships refused all request to sail there, no matter how much gold they were offered.

The dock was supposedly haunted, and strange things were known to happen when the dock was involved. Ships which left the dock were known to mysteriously vanish, and sending someone to the dock was in fact known as a punishment worse than death in Davenstoll. People who went missing in any of the cities, or indeed anywhere on the continent, often mentioned the dock a few days before they went missing.

Things have changed quite a bit in the past few centuries. The old version of Dock 37-B was so ingrained into the culture of Scaratha that it could not be entirely forgotten. However, roughly three centuries ago a small church of Kishi, the Bandit God, was founded here and things began to change. Reports of missing people associated with the dock stopped, rumors of ghosts and demons ceased, and the dock quickly became a large trading outpost.

These days, Dock 37-B is home to the Grand Temple of Kishi, bigger than any other temple to the god. It remains a trading post technically under the jurisdiction of Davenstoll (though anyone will tell you that the real power here is Jazzi’s). The dock itself has been vastly expanded into a true port rivaling even the Port of Stone (though still smaller than those in the cities), and the taverns and bars there are a common place for groups of adventurers and mercenaries to seek work.

(Your characters will meet here at the beginning of the first session. It is your responsibility to figure out why your character is there, but I am willing to help you with that if asked and provided with the rest of your backstory.)

Dock 37-B

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