Despite being called The City of Castles, Davenstoll in fact only has one castle – the rest of the city’s buildings just bear a strong resemblance to it. The city is ruled by a king, who keeps his court in the castle. There are often knight’s tournaments held in the city, and the taverns are always busy. The city’s bards are famous across the whole continent, and some of their songs even make it into the bars of Tairo Na, Davenstoll’s rival and enemy in almost every war ever fought on the continent.

Davenstoll maintains a large standing army, which serves as the city guard in time of peace. The army is mostly composed of non-magical warriors, but the occasional soldier has been known to pick up some magic as well as the sword, and indeed a large number of the officers are paladins. There are also a few small regiments of mages trained at the University Arcanus in Arcadia.

Davenstoll’s recent kings have been weak and incompetent rulers. Traditionally Davenstoll’s rulers have been paladins of Faral, but more recent generations have been given the title and made to swear the oath without much training – if any. Historical scholars in Arcadia blame this on the ascension of Gerold the Ill 250 years ago after the sudden disappearance of his older brother Roland the Dragon shortly before their father’s death, but such discussion is treasonous within Davenstoll itself.

Traditionally, when Davenstoll and Tairo Na do battle, they battle on The Bloodplain.


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