Home to the University Arcanus, the city of Arcadia is a highly magical place. An official wonder of the world, even the city’s architecture seems to be magical (and it probably is). Most of the mages in the continent have spent at least some time in the city, which also hosts a great temple for every deity there is – after all, divine magic is still magic. The only true culture in Arcadia is the culture of magic, and anyone who can’t use magic in the city is almost certainly someone who studies it nevertheless.

Although Jazzi is often called more multi-cultural, Arcadia hosts far greater racial diversity than any other city. Most of this diversity, however, comes from the magical and extraplanar beings who seem to just appear in the city one day, not knowing how they got there. Rumor has it that the heavy use of magic in the city has weakened the very fabric of reality here, and it is certainly known that magic is easier to cast here.

In recent years, Arcadia has declined like the rest of the continent. While still a great and wondrous city at first glance, Arcadia’s economy has suffered with the decline of the rest of the continent’s, and there seems to be less magic in the air than there once was. While there are still occurances of outsiders slipping in from other planes, it is much less common.

(For game purposes, treat all spells as caster level +1 in Arcadia)


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